Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fashion For All – An Unconventional W2W Fashion Event

As Fashion For All (FFA) beings its model hunt with live auditions on 20th December 2014 at Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, many will end up thinking of it as just another fashion event- with waif thin models,  the perfect pout, perfect walk and perfect out of this world look. Well FFA, a W2W is not at all your conventional fashion show. It represents just what fashion should be about but ends up being the opposite. Fashion is about celebrating the beauty of one and all. It’s not about clinging to stereotypical and boring standards of beauty. How many times have you looked at a model and thought “Wish I had that body.”? FFA inspires you to throw that thought in the garbage bin. It motivates you to love the beauty within, stand up with confidence and enjoy life in your own shoe while striving to be better. Throw away your inhibitions and walk the walk in style. FFA, welcomes models of all sizes, shapes, colors and gender. So come on in and own the stage. 

Fashion For All 2015 Model Auditions Begins:
Date: Saturday 20th December 2015
Time: 4:00pm till 8:00pm
Venue: Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa (Al Fahidi Hall)
Age: 13yrs and above
Gender: Men & Women

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