Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Have you heard of Emirates park resort? Well this is an unassuming (at least from the outside) retreat for animal lovers and kids.This zoo cum resort serves as a great exposure and learning experience for children. Situated on Abu Dhabi - Dubai highway, the resort is attached to a private zoo. What made the experience most amazing for us was not just the high quality accommodation but also the opportunity to soak in nature literally. It felt like living with Tarzan in his jungle retreated- Only supplied with all the modern amenities.





 The kids went gaga feeding the docile animals and interacting with them. Seeing the lambs suck on bottles of milk was awwww sooo cute. There is a little bit of downside too that comes with such fervent interaction. I had to maintain a constant supply of sanitizers. I was also very miffed to see some enthusiastic visitors who fed playful monkey burgers…but boy it was having the time of his life. All in all the animals- even the big cats and elephants- were healthy, happy, playful and well attended to. 

This is definitely not for those who feel food is the ultimate entertainment. Though we found no flaws in variety, taste or quality of food, food connoisseurs can venture out of the resort to the surrounding malls in the quest for variety.We are looking forward to going back again when the lion cubs are big enough to be petted and patted.:)Some animal lovers may not like the fact that the animals are in cages, removed from the wild and  bereft of their wild instincts, but the resort clearly states that it is a private zoo and not an animal sanctuary. If not anything at least the kids come to take delight and love animals. For those who get too tired of the animal interaction, shows and feeding an entertainment area loaded with video games and even a play area for kids serves the purpose. Well we never got tired so we never got to see what was inside :)


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Minakhee Mishra said...

I'm so Glad you liked. It's a lovely place to visit with family and kids.

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