Saturday, November 8, 2014

JUST FALAFEL- Redefining Street Food

How do you perfect excellence? Buzzingtales intended to find out just that when it accepted JUST FALAFEL’s invitation for unveiling of its NEW MENU!!

 If you reside in Dubai and haven’t heard of JUST FALAFEL’s well that’s a little hard to digest. Just Falafel  is a hugely popular chain of eatery, first set up in Abu Dhabi (2007), originally serving authentic Mediterranean Street Food Falafel, and also Shawarma, Hummus dips, Salads and Desserts. In less than a decade Just Falafel has achieved stupendous heights realizing a global presence in 18 countries, and conferred with many awards.

The Dubai Marina Branch of Just Falafel exuded JF’s familiar vibrant, energetic and warm street vibes. It was easy to see that the unassuming and positive charm of JF, emanated from its Founder and MD, Mohamad Bitar. With an omnipresent smile and unpretentious charm he served out the new and scrumptious spread. Buzzingtales found out that perfecting excellence is not about sitting easy on your success, it is about seeking new adventures, continuously exploring, constantly redefining the GOALS.

The new menu just spoils you for choices with food ranging from Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Italian , Quesadillas, Burritos, Original JF, Side Salads, range of Hummus dips, Organic salads,  Fun meals , wholesome meals and even baked options for the health conscious.

First up was the awesome hummus dips with soft gluten free wrap breads. This was shortly followed by Baked  Mediterranean Falafel,  stuffed with the most perfectly flavored aubergine. There is also the chicken and beef Falafel option for the non-vegetarian customers. I was digging into this delectable healthy and wholesome piece when another alluring option was served out for me- Baked Italian Falafel. It was hard to believe that these appetizing pieces were baked! Yes, you can actually eat healthy without compromising on taste and love it too, at JF. Just as I thought things can’t get any better it actually did! My personal favorite the amazing Sliders was dished up. The bread was crunchy yet soft, with a tangy sweet savory sauce embracing the delectable Falafel, and a dash of salad made things even more interesting. It was like stepping into quaint picturesque place and discovering something intriguing at every step. The fun seemed unending at Just Falafel. I was exhilarated to see the Indian options in the JF’s Menu. Mr. Mohamad Bitar put it rightly ‘’A nutritious meal in a box! You get your protein, your carbohydrate and can even create your own wraps with it.”  The sweet potato wedges were another divine creation and you can’t help but indulge in these absolutely delectable sin food – or rather a healthy sin :-) . Buzzingtales's rendezvous with JF ended in an absolutely heavenly, delightful chocolaty note. The chocolate mousse magic worked its wonders and just left Buzzingtales weak in the knees.
 Sarah Cocker (Head of Investor Relations) revealed that they were amazed to find that JF had over 80% of Non-Vegetarian customer. Oh! At this point it is important to note that traditional these -mouthwatering, golden-brown croquettes, with a crisp crunchy exterior and moist, hot interior- are  made of protein rich vegetarian ingredients like chick peas, fava beans and various spices.  JF has redefined the traditional recipes to cater to the non-Vegetarians, introducing many delectable options to choose from.
Staying true to its tag line “Yesterdays traditions today’s recipe” JF’s New Menu preserved the goodness of the age old Falafel while redefining it to cater to different taste buds.
Mr Bitar said that JF is not just about serving fast and tasty food, but it also aims to provide healthy wholesome good food. The Just Falafel falafels are naturally gluten free and full of vegetarian protein and fiber. Now blended with Chia seeds, Falafel it also has anti-oxidants and fatty acids. The Falafels are fried with zero percent sunflower oil, cholesterol free and changed daily. For the overly health conscious JF has introduced baked varieties. It plans to introduce many more healthy options even in the dessert section soon.

 With its tantalizing food JF just doesn’t have to try any harder to charm its fans. Despite this I came to know that JF takes its social responsibility very seriously. JF’s mission is "To Feed The Hungry." Every time a new restaurant is opened it contributes to the UN World Food Programme.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, have a word with. Govind in Colombo and pls. Get in there ASAP. You have no clue what it means there to start a branch there. For the right venue for your delist menu we have excellent contacts locally to get strategic spot. I am SERIOUS ! ARE YOU ?

Minakhee Mishra said...

Please visit the JUST FALAFEL website for any business deals with the organization.

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