Sunday, November 2, 2014

Celebrated Finnish Artist, Soile Yli Mary, to Showcase Her Works at the Fann-À-Porter Art Gallery this November

The gallery continues to host renowned international and local artists with its full yearly calendar through 2014/15 in the prestigious Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
Renowned Finnish artist, Soile Yli Mary, will be exhibiting her work throughout November, 2014.

About Artist & Her Work
Soile Yli Mary is one of Finland's most internationally renowned artists and has been painting for more than 25 years.  Graduating from the Liberal Art School of Helsinki in Finland and the Stuttgart Art Academy in Germany, her style is personal but closely related to expressionism. Creating her work by using a palette knife, her style is to use the paint in three ways: a thin, even coat, thick lines and by scraping lines into the painted area, to create a three-dimensional look.

The main theme in Soile Yli Mary’s work is humanity and people’s alienation from nature in the urban world.  Since 1975, she has held 255 private exhibitions in 25 different countries, including Japan, China, India, Latin America, The United States and in many Countries throughout Europe.


“Fann-À-Porter”, which translates as “art-to-go”, launched its gallery space in Dubai earlier this year with the goal of bringing a host of international talent to display their collections on a monthly basis with a full year calendar in 2014/15. The gallery will be featuring international and local artists from the UAE, Jordan, France, Holland, Finland, Lebanon, Spain and Italy. The gallery also displays the work of talented designers alongside the gallery’s own collection of objects d’arts.

[‘ Fann’ is the Arabic word for ‘Art’] We carefully collect beautifully designed objects of art, messages that artists and designers from around the globe wish to convey to you hoping that their work satisfies your visual tastes and speaks to the inner ‘you’! Ideas, in the form of paintings, wearable art, jewelry, home accessories, furniture, and much more- all uniquely designed in limited editions to bring joy and happiness to you and the people in your life.

Gallery Opening Times:
Sunday to Tuesday: 10 am to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 10 pm

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates - Lobby area
Tel: +971 4 4270219 
Mob:  +971 55 1369454

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