Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cost of unhealthy dieting

Super Model Anna Carolina Reston who dies at the age of 21 due to Anorexia

We will pick up the thread from where I dropped it, on the issue of dieting.It is important to battle the unrealistic images about an ultra-thin body, projected by the media. We need to educate our children about what is healthy and what is unrealistic and dangerous.Teenage girls and young women rank high as the worst victims of eating disorder, bulimia(Even Princess Diana was a victim) and anorexia etc.

A sensible and balanced diet customized for the individual needs along with a regular exercise regime is the safest and surest way to loose weight. Most of us are aware that healthy eating means consuming less of refined and processed foods, foods laden with starch, harmful saturated fats and sweets etc, and more of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and diary products. Yet most of us are unwilling or unable to bring about sustainable changes in our diet and life style. Many resolve to adopt a healthier life style but are unable to remain determined. Too many fad diets and weight loss plans lure people and exploit their urge to achieve weight loose fast. Their restrictive and often harmful means does aid in loose weight. Most people feel trapped and back out.  Weight loose is gained often through a huge compromise to health by those few who remain resolved but is rarely permanent. Most of the weight lost creeps in quickly as soon as the diet plan is abandoned. Many people become too wary of these restrictive plans and begin to consider dieting as an extremely strict and disciplinary regime which is suffocating. Many loose weight through these diet plans and readopt a new fad when the weight is regained. This cycling weight is as dangerous as, or more than  being overweight.
Food is one of our basic requirements and our body needs essential ingredients to survive. Human beings have always used their intelligence for the betterment of life- of self, family or community. Better houses, better living comfort, better and tastier foods etc. What was considered a luxury is now consider a necessity. So is it with food. We have become conditioned and used to refined and processed foods. Man’s creation is now slowly dictating life. When the creation dictates the creator then disaster is bound to occur. Our taste buds and brain has been taken hostage and crave for these foods when it is removed from them. Awareness is the best defense. It is possible to overcome the obstacles only by recognizing them. Various psychological, physiological, hormonal and biological mal- functions hinder the process of weight loose. Weight loose is not just about gaining trim and slim body. When weight loose is achieved in a healthy manner it is not only permanent but also provides complete mental and physical health.

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