Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pit fall of Diet Plans-Part 1


Pit falls of diet plans

 While various diet plans come and go, diet plans are mainly based on low fat, low carbohydrate or low calorie diet. Atkins diet and South beach diet are some of the popular weight loss diet program. Atkins diet is considered as synonymous to the hunter and gatherer diet of the cave men. This diet plan considers carbohydrate as the main culprit. Atkins diet advocates that one should consume more protein and reduce the intake of carbohydrate to minimum.  However this diet regime doesn’t control the intake of fat. Atkins diet has its own share of subscribers as well as critiques.
In Atkins diet consumption of protein, in the form of nuts, legumes, meat, fish, dairy products like cheese, and even fat is allowed. Carbohydrate especially during the induction period is regarded as bad. Cave men and gatherers eat mostly proteins and fats and the excess fat was stored in the body, for use during winter when food was scarce. This was how our bodies were designed to handle food. According to Atkinson diet, carbohydrate has always been considered as the basic source of energy and people have been prompted to consume more carbohydrate in the form of bread, pastas, rice etc. In the recent time consumption of refined carbohydrates has transformed most individuals into sugar addicts. The human body is not able to manage this excess carbohydrate especially in refined form. The excess carbohydrate with is unutilized is stored in the body contributing to weight gain.

However there are various problems with Atkins diet. During the induction period only protein and fat are consumed. The induction lasts for 2 weeks. It is not possible to stick to such a strict all protein diet for longer period with suffering various health complications. More ever it I found that the weight returns back again once the diet plan is left. An individual is then advised to resume the induction again and stick to the weight management diet plan for the rest of life. Vegetarians and most individuals who like rice, bread and pasta find it difficult to follow this diet regime. Weight loss is achieved but only when one abides by the rules and follows it religiously life long.

Many people have complained of health complications like kidney problems, constipation etc. It is always advisable to take the advice of a nutritionist or physician before undertaking such diet plans. Atkins diet doesn’t restrict fat consumption which may lead to various health problems. Carbohydrate, vegetable and fruits are food groups that cater to various nutritional need of the body. Banning them may not be the best way to loose weight.

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