Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pit Falls Of Diet Plans-Part 2

Dump Diet!
Dancing your way to a new you!

Many people have complained of health complications like kidney problems, constipation etc. It is always advisable to take the advice of a nutritionist or physician before undertaking such diet plans. Atkins diet doesn’t restrict fat consumption which may lead to various health problems. Carbohydrate, vegetable and fruits are food groups that cater to various nutritional need of the body banning them may not be the best way to loose weight.
The best way to take charge of sleep related problem especially in obese people is to regulate diet and start off with healthy eating habits. One should start breathing exercises as well as other weight reduction exercises after taking advice from an expert. Gradually as weight decreases the sleep related problems vanish.
It is difficult to make such sudden and rigid life style changes and abide by it life long.
It is better to devise a diet plan geared to an individuals needs. A diet should be a part of life style and not considered merely as a restriction on the existing one. It requires the incorporation of healthy eating habits right from childhood. In most cases eating habits are a result of conditioning. A balanced meal comprising of all food varieties in their appropriate proportion should be taken. Diet plan should be followed life long. For those who have been conditioned to unhealthy eating habit the process is more of a rehabilitation, where there is bound to be failures in the path to success but the one with resolve is bound to succeed. 

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