Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is There A Holy Book For Diet?


 Is there a Holy Book Of Diet?


It is difficult to make sudden and rigid life style changes and abide by it life long.
It is better to devise a diet plan geared to an individuals needs. A diet should be a part of life style and not considered merely as a restriction on the existing one. It requires the incorporation of healthy eating habits right from childhood. In most cases eating habits are a result of conditioning. A balanced meal comprising of all food varieties in their appropriate proportion should be taken. Diet plan should be followed life long. For those who have been conditioned to unhealthy eating habit the process is more of a rehabilitation, where there is bound to be failures in the path to success but the one with resolve is bound to succeed.

There is no easy way out neither are their any short cuts. Eating whole food, in proportions appropriate to an individual’s needs and age is necessary. A little bit of ingenuity can make meal time healthier and happier. Banning a tempting yet forbidden food is not the solution. For example an individual who eats nothing other than refined food and sweet can never stick to a rigid diet plan. The trick is to find a way in between. This requires that consumption of such foods should be restricted in a phased out manner, or having them occasionally as treats in small quantity.  Certain individuals allergic to a particular food can imbibe alternative substitutes with similar nutritional benefits. Too much of a good thing is also bad. For example although fruit are good for us one has to take it in appropriate portions, certain fruits like mango and banana etc which are fatty can be avoided or taken sparingly. It is found that carvings for sugar may reduce when one stops taking it for substantial time. All the same certain individuals may not be able be able to stop their cravings and are bound to fail more then once. One should be aware of their limitations and the fact that each individual is different. Staying resolved despite failure is the key.

The Holy Grail for diet is right within our arms length. An individual merely has to be receptive to its power. Adopting a well balanced diet rich in natural food, not only aids in weight loss but is an effective preventive against various ailments including those related to weight. Combining a proper diet with an appropriate exercise regime is also essential. It is important to look beyond the marketing gimmicks and remember that weight loss essentially means burning more calories than one consumes. Thus the stance is to consume natural healthy foods and burn calories through an appropriate exercise regime. With perseverance gradually an individual will enjoy the health foods and no longer crave for processed or harmful food.

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