Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Death is inevitable. Yet death visits in unpredictable way. Sometimes snatching away young life’s cruelly and at times lazing around only to answer fervent calls leisurely. This poem is dedicated to my sweet GRANNY (maternal grand-mother) who lived a long and most of the times a happy full life, until she was left incapacitated and immobile 6 years ago. During most of her bedridden times she prayed for death to visit her and even asked us to convey the same prayers to GOD. She had a beautiful family and life and now she was eager for her last journey to join Grandpa. Yet death betrayed her mercilessly for 6 long years. The first time I saw this utterly independent, courageous and spirited person incapacitated by old age, I was pained. But it was 3 years back when the wires and fuses of her brain gave up that I realized how cruel life can be. Time and many of members of family younger to her passed away and made me realize that life is ironic too and utterly difficult to comprehend. There are no rules in death- No universal law or sequence. Today she passed away leaving behind a legacy, uncountable happy memories, inimitable strength, beauty of soul and a prayer that may her soul REST IN PEACE. Far away, in another part of the world, removed from the parting rituals I hope that souls are bounded by no place or time – she is free once again, mobile just the way she was meant to be and will visit me at will. LOVE YOU ALWAYS AEE


She walked with grace
Dignity her companion,
A fire housed in her frail frame
No hurdle, no barrier shakes her faith still
The flames ignite her mind still.
“My life is now my own, I’m free at last, of duties, of demands, I am strong still.”

Each line, each furrow, etched in her face
Echo a tale of  sacrifice, service and infinite grace
There those lines grazing her forehead, hide the pain of nursing a sick child, worrying for partners health,

 Speaking volumes of a life lived for others, she never thought as separate from her soul

Time urges her gently to take it slow
Now is the moment to wallow in glory
To put up your feet and enjoy the reaps flowery
She fumbles and falls many a times
Any helping hand she resists pushes away with scorn
Within her mind, everything is a jumble
At times memories of betrayal and broken faith cast a dark cloud
Her well-wishers dumbfounded by her disdain, know not the struggle that rips her soul

The past and present all mixed up like a confusing knoted woolen ball,
The wires within her brains are fused and take a toll
Visions of past vivid, demand urgent attention
She speaks and smiles at her dead brother visible only to her
The difference spanning across time all blurred in her world,
Old and senile that’s what the youth calls her world
No one knows the strength and courage it takes to hold up in that mirage world.

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