Monday, March 3, 2014



You cling on tight, eyes alone reveal the disquiet
I slept oblivious, you rummaged through worries and plight
“How to shield this tiny life?” you try your might.
Chandra Kochhar, Mittal, Priyanka or Bill Gates,
In your eyes I’m always the best.
For the tiniest step I took, you applauded without rest.
For the smallest scratch I suffered, your heart bruised inside.
You hide the pain, and smiled, injecting me with strength to brave the world outside.

Things may not be seen by us in the same light,
 You tried to sell me to Salwars and long skirts
I craved for that shredded jeans and that off shoulder top.
You believed boys can never be friends,
For me there are some boys who are just friends and then there are special friends.
You may haunt for my Mr. Right
But you have never stopped me from taking flight.

You lead me through the jungle called life,
 You pulled me through when difficult times were rife.
We shared our secrets together, grew up together, explored the world together, relished the little joys together
You being a better mother with every step, me trying to blossom under your loving gaze
You understood what I said when no one could,
Smiled knowing when I blushed to reveal that first flutter I never understood.

You taught me vital lessons of life- about letting go,
About selfless love, about soothing someone when your heart is crying out loud
About braving the rain to shelter someone
About enjoying the tiniest milestones
About the religion of humanity and love
About discovering the common and enjoying the different.
About loving someone despite the hurt they cause.
You are my kindly light, my torch in the darkest of night
Words are just writing on sand, and  too cheap a brand
 To explain your place in my heartland.

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