Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sleep Your Way To A Sleek Self

Sleep Your Way To A Sleek Self

The Journal of the American Medical Association has cited sleep deprivation as one of the chief reasons behind inability to loose weight or maintain  healthy weight. Studies has proven that sleep deprivation or sleeplessness may  that sleep loss may amplify hunger pangs and influence the metabolism of the body.Due to loss of sleep or sleep deprivation cortisol, a hormone which controls appetite, is produced more abundantly. With enhanced secretion of cortisol feelings of hunger increases. So even when the individual has had adequate amount of food he/she will tend to eat when there is sleeplessness.

With increased food intake the amount of fat stored in the body increases especially if the fat is not burned. Weight lose can occur when the amount of calories consumed is less than the amount of carlories burned through activity or exercise. Sleep deprivation causes imbalance in the natural homeostasis of the body resulting in decline in metabolism. Thus with low metabolism the body is unable to process or burn carbohydrates properly. The excess of carbohydrate un-utilized by the body’s cell is converted into sugar or blood sugar. Blood sugar enhances the increase in production of insulin gets stored in the body as fat.

Conversely people who are over weight can also suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia due to a variety of reasons. Many overweight people will have fat underlining the trachea resulting in apnea. Apnea results in stopping breath in certain intervals during periods of sleep.Thus sleep in interrupted during the night numerous times without the knowledge of that person during periods when breath stops. Individuals who have apnea and resultant interrupted sleep will feel sleepy and tired during the day time.

Over weight people suffer from feelings of depression and loss of self image. All this builds up psychological tension aggravating the problem of insomnia. The quality of sleep rather than only the amount of time spent in sleeping or quantity is very vital. Proper sleep both qualitative and quantitative is rejuvenating and restorative. Studies have found out that poor quality sleep is linked with lack of a body protein which controls the fat and muscle in a human body especially in adults.

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