Friday, March 1, 2013


Since antiquity art has been an important element of human life. In the ancient times, perhaps it served more of a functional purpose. In the modern times it is all about Art of expression and experience. There has been no shortage of artists and Art lovers across times. However, Art is experiencing an explosive dimension almost akin to a new revolution at present. The new age art lovers or patrons are common men and women, and not necessarily the super rich. They drench in these eye pleasing and in some ways brain tingling exercise of becoming art tourists. We humans are an insatiable species, game for all kinds of experience which is new and novel. When it comes to color and its play the possibilities are so infinite that the journey is both enticing and unending.   Most importantly a thing of beauty is a pleasure for all, so who would not want to lay their eyes on these and if possible own one of them. Thankfully the sensible and enterprising minds quickly devised techniques to cash on such demands.  Art has been made more accessible, available and affordable.
One such unique experience became possible through the efforts of an event management company W2W ( who gave a wonderful platform to upcoming and aspiring artists in the form of Art Nation ( ).  

This wonderful experience can be enjoyed at Burjuman (Dubai) from 21Feb to 2nd March. Although this platform welcomes myriad talents spanning from juke box artists to singers, dancers and other forms of artistic talents- it was the play of colors, brushes , canvas, and paper that attracted me the most.  I got a chance to interact with some of the innovative artists and painters . One of them was a young woman, a fine arts student from Toronto, who created amazing shapes and patterns by cutting out thick sheets of paper (a technique that originated from China). 

 It was incredible to see an ordinary cycle, a mundane chair or even pieces of scraps and junk (recycle art) transformed into work of arts. Each piece offered a window into the wonder called human imagination. I was amused to see a young doctor spinning abstract magic with his brush and equally amazed to see a group of men create a life like a 3-D dinosaur mural.

 I felt like I had stepped into the magical world of Alice’s wonderland- only difference was that this was a wonderland with magical creations rather than  magical creatures- A world from where I was in no hurry to exit.


Pinaki said...

An eloquent description of the experience akin to a Live telecast.

Pinaki said...

An experience shared with perfect eloquence akin to a Live telecast

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