Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chez Sushi - Rock & Roll with Delightful Japanese Cuisine

When Buzzingtales was invited to review Chez Sushi - A Japanese joint, I personally felt as though the universe was conspiring to open doors for new experiences for me. Despite the fact that the fabulous Japanese cuisine presentation makes it look extremely appetizing, I had never had the gumption to attempt the same.  Well I thought, what life devoid of a little adventure is ?! So I decided - “Let’s Roll” it. It would be an understatement to say that it turned out to be an absolutely chilled out - novel experience. We were given an extremely warm welcome at the vibrant, lively and yet casual Al Wasl branch of Chez Sushi. We were all set to enjoy a memorable time enjoying Japanese cuisine and soaking in cheerful hospitality.

My mindset about Sushi - Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegar-ed rice combined with other ingredients like seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits - was immediately challenged by the menu presented to us. There were a myriad of Appetizers, like Edamame (prepared snow peas), Prawn spring roll, Yakitori, Cevlche and even vegetarian gyoza; Salads; Sides: Mains; Bento sets; Signature Rolls; Party Platters and Desserts. We however settled for “Let’s Roll” option that gives completely power to the customers to choose the ingredients they want in their Sushi, including brown rice or white rice and even the no rice option where one can chose the tuna or salmon wrap.

Chez Sushi scores full marks for giving every customer a chance to enjoy Sushi in their own individual way. I was delighted to find so many options for vegetarians. One of the managers rightly put it “We take customer satisfaction very seriously - be it a vegetarian or non-vegetarian.”

We chose the absolutely gorgeous greens of Edamame seasoned with soy, ginger, sesame & spices as our appetizer. Our hosts egged us to try prawn appetizers and other delicacies but we thought of making a healthy beginning. Biting on the perfectly made Edamame didn’t just felt absolutely healthy but also completely refreshing.

One of the things I noted was the attention paid to details and the gorgeous presentation which didn’t fall short of any fine dining restaurant. As the adage goes “God lives in details”. We experience food first with our sight and smell before we can taste it. Chez Sushi sure knew how to make all the right first impressions.

We thoroughly relished our mains from the “Let’s Roll” section, which comprised of a plate of vegetarian & a plate of chicken sushi rolled with rice some greens, leaf shaped wasabi, lip smacking ginger pickle and soy. The platter looked so good that at first I didn’t want to upset the décor by eating it. I was a little intimated by the unknown but once I took a bit of my vegetarian sushi I realized how mild, soft, yet crunchy and well balanced in flavor the sushi tasted. One way to try sushi is also to mix the Wasabi with a little soy and use it as a dip. Our hosts were absolutely insistent that we try the Calamari salad with ginger dressing and we were so glad we didn’t miss out on this flavorful dish.

The fun didn’t stop there. We were presented with multitude of original sushi platters like Salmon sake sushi, Tuna maguro sushi, Crab kanikama sushi, Prawn (cooked) ebi sushi, Eel sushi, Spicy tuna temaki, Rock shrimp cream chilly tempura. If there is anything called a paradise for sushi and exotic food lover then it is Chez Sushi. As a beginner I enjoyed my experience massively though I didn’t venture into the original sushi’s. But I will certainly come back here and tingle my taste buds with dollops and bites of adventure.

Chez Sushi  is certainly a name to reckon as a unique, casual and fun Japanese sushi concept based in the heart of Dubai . With busy branches in Dubai Marina, Al Wasl and Business Bay and more coming up soon, Chez Sushi is here to stay. Chez Sushi certainly knows how to keep customers hooked  with several offers, from ladies night to Monday mania, delivery options and most notably by putting the customers in charge; allowing them to pick the ingredients, garnish, dressing and  even watch their team roll! 

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