Friday, January 30, 2015

Latin Art Fest (LAF) on the streets of Al Quoz -Friday 30th of January, 2015.

It’s here AGAIN! Art, art and more art overflowing on the streets of Dubai. Last time I participated in STREET ART as an artist. I fall short of words to express the experience. The weather was perfect for an all nighter; the ambiance was young and vibrant. It was a surreal thrilling moment, creating a piece of art right there on the street. There was art, music, dance and culture where ever you look. 4B Al Quoz street had become not just a cultural hub but also a redefining moment as art was freed from the confines of galleries for the first time in Dubai. This time it is here as Latin Art Fest. I am going to be there to take a dip in the Latin culture as an audience this time and grab all the experiences I missed last time.

Dubai’s first ‘Latin Art Fest,’ a must-visit event for arts and culture enthusiasts, will showcase the best of Latin art, culture and entertainment. The avant-garde atmosphere of the streets of Al Quoz will host an exuberant display of art, regional cuisines and live entertainment from a number of Latin American countries and Spain.

The largest Latino Fiesta to date in the UAE, the LAF 2015 stretches through the Alleyway from 8th Street to Artissima Gallery only for one night, 30 Jan 2015 (6pm to 11pm). LAF visitors can enjoy fascinating music performances by Latin-American and Spanish artists, offering a unique street-feel experience for UAE residents.

As a highlight of the festival, Artissima Gallery will host during two weeks the photographic exhibition ‘Latinos in the UAE’, featuring a new commission and the first solo exhibition in the Middle East of British multi-award winning fine art photographer, Tariq Zaidi.

The LAF is organised by All Quoz Project and sponsored by “Art UAE”. An official event of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) programme, managed by Dubai Festival & Retail Establishment, LAF is supported by Bailame Cuba, Easy Dance, BNF, Bazar Latino, Latinos en EAU, El Correo del Golfo and the following Embassies and Consulates: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

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