Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lamya Abdein - Design's That Enchants

Buzzingtales was completely mesmerized by the Enchanted Forest Collection of Lamya Abdein, creative director and founder of Queen of Spades, unveiled at Armani, Dubai on 20th January 2015 as part of the ongoing DSF's, ABBATI fashion show. In her latest collection Lamya successfully resurrected a magical forest which captivates all, with the intricate designs, contrasting vibrant colors, some beautiful in their subtleness and some exuding vitality.

 The ensemble of 75 unique pieces of her signature brand was a feast for the eyes. It was simply impossible not be awed by  the creative cuts, sashaying swirls, unimaginable experimentation with fabric and the perfect symphony spun out between fantasy,  reality, ethnic & contemporary. There were dresses, tunics, chemises gowns, with cloaks, capes, surcoats, hoods and even kirtles. Each of the assorted pieces radiated feminine yesteryear's charm, yet each of them were extremely wearable and trendy.  

Lamya dedicated her collection to women all the strong women who carve out their own path- Women who are born to rule. According to Lamya -"Today's woman to me is a visionary and a seeker, who cherishes her past as she rides into the future," visualizes Lamya. "This collection is dedicated to these women - the powerful leader, the confident feminist, and the charming princess who spreads her magic where ever she goes,"

The lavish winter textures took centre stage. Opulence oozed on the ramp with tweeds and suede’s, fur and wool juxtapose with velvets, linen, organza, leather was laced together with cotton, mesh works, embossed jacquards, tassels and lots of layering.  
Deep plums, plush crimsons, emeralds, mint and forest greens, ochre’s and sunset oranges are smeared over the new collection of abayas, displaying a winter palette that is cool, bold, vibrant and intense. 

Two of my personal favorites were the showstoppers. The first one at the opening of the event a solid red colored cape Abaya in fur and velvet, evoked the fearless and magical charm of Red Riding Hood. The second showstopper at the tail end of the show was a shimmering layered ensemble with a hooded mini cape, ideal for a glamorous evening.  

Patterns and shimmer, two Queen of Spades favorites, reappear in the latest collection in various forms. The sizzling winter abayas show off geometric shapes, stripes and florals in abundance. Jacquards, sequins, beads and brocade raise a toast to the glamorous diva.

Queen Of Spades Collection can be found in stores at Galeries Lafayette and Valleydez Boutiques. 
Contemporary jewelry brand, Adelya was chosen to style her latest collection. Adelya's Keyz Collection with handcrafted pendants inspired by Zodiac signs was a great fit for Lamya. "It felt as though the key connotes the realization of dreams to enter a world of happiness ever after," the designer muses on the sets of her collection photo shoot.  

Lamya has opted for the big and messy hairdo with twigs, leaves and dried flowers for her models. "Thematic and dramatic" is how she wanted the hair to stand out for her collection.  

For makeup Lamya ensures a pretty and feminine look, with pastel hues and nude lips reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Long dreamy lashes glamorized the look with a bit of shimmer to make the look stand out for the models strutting the Enchanted Forest Collection. 

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