Thursday, January 16, 2014


What is a highly progressive society without art or culture? It is like a beautiful body devoid of a soul. Well Dubai has risen up to challenges of all sorts in the past. So how can it be far behind where art is concerned?

Street art and Graffiti are popular forms of creative expression especially in Europe. It is a powerful medium for communicating a social message effectively; a fun and more liberating way to be creative.

Though Dubai has been conjuring up arty flavors through art exhibitions and the sophisticated art galleries, street art is unheard of in this part of the world. Feel like showcasing your talent on the street? Voila !!! You can land you straight in prison.

The organizers of the Al-Quoz project however have found a unique way around this problem. They have providing 50 enthusiastic and talented artists (some of them of international renown), temporary installations to spill out their creative energies.

An ensemble of 22 team members from DAF (Dubai Art Fans) spearheaded by the talented Mona Al-Assad, also gather to display their eclectic mixture of talent and create something novel.

 So on 24th of January when the weather has the sweet tingle of winter, Street Night Art comes alive and welcomes all of Dubai to an extravagant celebration of color and performing art. This project endeavors to inject live into the otherwise creatively challenged Al-Quoz industrial area.

As a participating artist and  DAF(Dubai Art Fans ) member I am enthused not because I am an artist but also because the project is for an excellent humane cause. The money raised from the art works produced will be diverted to the laborers working in this area. The arty night will be spiced up by performing art shows and even installation for enthusiastic audiences to explore their creative side.

So Come Join Us In The Fun!               

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