Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Day At School

Day 2:

As the day comes to a draw
Today too, I pen down some thoughts raw
Thoughts coated with some sweet fragrance some anxieties vague
Only in a mother's heart can it rage
First day at school, the first steps into the wild world my little one takes
A world which rarely melts at the cherubic smile of a child
A world that knows only to break, to kindness it is mostly blind

Myopic , and caged in complacent self sits each entity,
How would you battle the wars my little Steward mighty
Will the conductor hold your hands, help you cross the road?
Will you find solace when life brings you at the crossroads?
What if you lose your way to a classroom in your big school ?
Will there be that Guiding light in this vast dark pool?
Will your teacher be kind when fear/ uncertainty breaks your confidence ?
Will there be someone to wipe your tears, when time erodes that protective fence?

As these thoughts ravage my mind,
I hold on a little while longer in your hand, in that warmth, to the eternal bond
But you smile with cheer , plant a reassuring kiss and run with zeal to that world wild.

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