Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Illegitimate Widow
Wandering across the heartless night, ashes of unfulfilled desires glide
Fanning the blaze broken promises rage, stepping on troubled water center stage
There I spot you offender, love barterer, trust slaughterer
You lay rested in your auburn casket lair
Sporting a smirk, that taunts me, even in your bier.
“I have eluded you”, you snide without so much as a word
Even fate has stamped on your devious pact, what a charade!

Your appearance familiar, expression unknown to my sight
No sign of tempestuous vigor, possessing you in those hushed stolen nights.
Your pristine widow, keeper of your chaste image,
Your innocuous children- untouched by your betrayal- still dwell in a mirage,
 Broken only by grief, they are unsullied in your death.
A heavy debt rests solely on my every breath.

None discern the fire destroying my very being
The twin, burden of love and treachery casting a deadly ring.
The new life spurting within- your momentary love or just lust playing on our mind.
Is it our love child or the blunder of the blind?
A victim of your charm, idol worshiper your slave
 My follies snigger at me, an open wound decaying, to be carried to my grave.

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