Monday, March 26, 2012

Fleeting Serenity

Fleeting Serenity

Rustlings through leaves gently, Serenity strolls stealthily,
Caressing a violet here, fondling a rose there.
Smiling at the busy bees, relishing the lively butterflies
Soaking in the saccharine melodies, serenity floats across the morning air.
Cuddled in cradle of ignorance and bliss, oblivious of dangers that glare,
beams a sleeping child and serenity dwells there.
The house in a mess, hair tousled and clothes wrinkled
Shrieks and laughter of brats concocting an uproar
Yet serenity defiantly dwells there.

Huddled in a lovers embrace, coming home after a sincere day of work,
Breaking the piggy bank for the abandoned boy on that track,
Toiling hard to get sister married to that great match,
Serenity rests clandestinely in these lairs.

Often mistaken for its twin, seclusion,
Serenity has a nature distinct from its somber pair.
A lonely night awaiting an unfaithful lover by the fire,
Drinking silent tears for a son who sleeps in the bier,
Forced silence of a child whose parents are in Bel Air,
Sleeping through the quiet night watching for a bomb that might fall here,
Oh! Serenity you have cruelly turned your back from there.

Fleeting and short, always in a hurry
Yet such tranquil nectar you ooze in your scurry.
You spin your web, Charm all- You deceiving soul.
When do you discard your ephemeral role?
Until then, souls lured by your mesmerizing spell,
lost in your illusory gaze, devoid of surety or bail .

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