Monday, April 16, 2012

Tale Of A River

Tale Of A River

Once my fronts swelled with pride,
 vibrant weeds n’ innocent child,
 unafraid of tide, danced with abandon, by my side

Once my blue expanses glittered like gold
bathed in formidable Sun’s rays bold
Once when the soothing moon smiled,
 I gleaming  like diamond  exquisite and wild.

Hoards of plastic now choke my bed, repulsive stench swell from feces laid
Bloated corpses of lively creatures once adding jest to my features
float up stream,  suffocating my very being.

Stripped of dignity, I strive
Helpless now, at your mercy as you thrive
Yet, when I am dead, every bit of life sucked from my bed
Haunted by the ghosts of your deed you too will bleed.

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