Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3D Street Art meets a Cause


 3D Street Art with a cause

Does the mention of "3D Street Art" ring any bells for you? If you belong to Tracy Lee Strum’s homeland (US), this may come as no surprise. For many in Odisha(India) however this is an unheard form of art. Streets for most people here serve the simple purpose, namely commuting. Street, as  a canvas for 3D art,  is a  completely unique concept visiting Bhubaneswar,  Odisha for the first time ever. On 6th February at 16 Satyanagar, in front of the Bakul Children’s Library, Tracy spun magic, creating beautiful free hand organic  murals with the help of chalk, semi-permanent materials and a few volunteers and assistants. The skillfully executed the 2-D paintings,( utilizing anamorphic technique) come alive and acquire a 3rd dimension when seen at a particular point by the lens. This rare workshop for children and youth  materialized due to the joint endeavor of Bakul Foundation and the US Consulate of Hyderabad. 

What is Bakul?
3D Art at Bakul by Tracy

Sujit receiving the national Award on behalf of Bakul
Story telling around the world at Bakul
Flood relief campaign for flood victims in Orissa
Sujit with US Diplomat at Bakul

Actress Nandita Das reading a story to children at Bakul Children's Library
The foundation a brain child of  three youths, Sujit Mahapatra, Ayusman Sarangi and Satyajit Puhan, has grown and ignited the spirit of  volunteers across the globe.  Bakul derives its name from the Bakul tree, which is considered sacred in Odisha.It started as a novel movement  to  mobilize volunteerism where by people from ordinary walks of life can contribute their effort towards social, educational and environmental development. It is a pioneer movement devoid of corporate or governmental funding.From it’s inspection in 2007 dedicated volunteers from across the globe have contributed in giving strength and character to the foundation that germinated as an idea. Most recently Bakul received due recognition from the Indian government for its unflagging dedication and path breaking ideas and activities. On 14th Nov 2011 Bakul received the National Award for Child Welfare from the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Indian Government at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.
Art transporting viewers to another dimension at Bakul
Find out more about Bakul and how you too can make a ripple @

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