Monday, September 23, 2013

A Detached Soul

A Detached Soul   
Trend gently on the trail of life,
Trample not, waltz nor jive
More fragile than a flower in its budding bloom
Or the glass piece behind the locked closet door
Egos lay strewn all over on the road.
Prick them not, do not step on them
Even the slightest fissure or crack
Flings across, mammoth pain

A detached soul, no ties no strings
No fear of raging egos grim
A piece of paper in the harried wind
Winning battles with the sword of love
Soothing battered ego’s in its cradle of simple adore
Accepting all, disowning none
Consuming all
Anger, hatred, criticism, rejection, misconceptions, violence
Consumed by none
Except for truth and love
In its benign core

1 comment:

Sonal said...

Minakhee....sounds very divine..!!! liked it..!! also like the pic..!!!

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