Monday, May 5, 2014

Cradle Of Happiness

Each day an infant is left to die. A girl is cast away like garbage or killed. A childless couple wastes their time, peace and money meandering through modern technology to change their childless status.Can there not be a better option for an orphan and a childless family? Let's see what the child feels when such an option is adopted.

Cradle Of Happiness

Happiness, stealthily taking tender strides
you tiptoed into my barren land.
Never did I reckon your soft
steps on the sand.

Opening the doors of my shabby life, you lead me to the joyous light.
Shaded from the blight by your
 benevolent sight.

A tiny dream housed in
my gullible heart, I chased after butterflies deluding my gasp.
The warmth of a mother's
embrace, a sweet goodnight kiss, a father’s encouraging pat, was it too much to ask.

Grains of hope spilled past my tiny fingers, seeking to seize a drop of bliss.
The childhood joys, the unwritten rights of all naive hearts, always gave me a miss.

A lonely bird forsaken by its own kind.
A speck of dust deserted to face the perils
of life.
No place to rest, there was none to call my

Yet happiness caught me unaware,
alighting tenderly like birds on outstretched branch.
Startled, captivated by it’s
soothing arrival, I fell silently into its gentle lap.
Lulled to a restful sleep
 after a long weary walk.

You picked me up from the garbage tin.
Called me your precious life,
not a sin.
Hushed me to sleep in a cozy bed.
Now I have a home it’s no longer
a dream.

Goodnight kisses, a protective hug,
no longer an illusion struggling  to thrive.
I dare to touch the sky.
Let innocence run wild in the cradle of life.
No, grieve or pain
can come to pry, for I have the will
to be alive.

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