Friday, April 25, 2014



A ray of light glitters impatiently, pressing past, lush greens
Armed with uncountable promise bursts dawns first beams.

 Hope bustles as birds soar on wings of optimism
A new life emerges, the pain of labor elapses.
The darkness of night long obliterated.
Gloom pulled out of its shy recesses,
stands shamefaced, gleaming in the rust sparkle of daybreak.

At the soft chuckle of unbound streams,
Soothing touch of silky cool winds,
The sunflowers stare boldly, wide eyed at their beloved king.
Always pressed for time, hurry the busy bee’s,
Butterflies flutter adamantly, trying to outshine the flowers ceaselessly.
Each being bustles, enthused with fresh hope
new energies surges, spilling past horizons
Standing tall, aspiring, attempting, the day is still young.

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