Friday, October 9, 2015

A Slice Of Happiness At 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

Happiness for Buzzingtales came in a slice of gluten free, veggie, cheesy Pizza, at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. Your piece of heaven at this casual yet classy Pizzeria can be fully customized to tantalize your unique taste buds. The scrumptious tales of 800 degree doesn’t quite end with Pizzas, it pampers you with delightful Gelatos, melt in your mouth Burritos, Ricotta Cheese Bread, Specialty Neapolitan Pies that also comes with gluten free crust  and delectable Salads.

On 5th October 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, launched its second pizzeria at the new extension of Mall of the Emirate. The grand opening was Inaugurated by H.E. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Janahi, the Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of JAFZA & graced by esteemed dignitaries and VVIP’s such as H.E. Umej Bhatia, the Singapore Ambassador to the UAE; Renuka Jagtiani, the Vice Chairperson of Landmark Group; Shahram Shamsaee, Founder at Msquared Shopping Centres; Lee Talbott, Director Leasing of Mc Arthur and Company; and Kritika Rawat, Presenter at Radio 89.1.

The predominantly black and white décor with the right dash of rustic brown & orange color created a soothing, warm & relaxed ambience. We were won over hands down by the jovial ever smiling staffs who greeted & treated us to our choice of welcome drinks/ beverages at our table. 

Mr. Manish Jeswani, (the Managing Director of Eaters LLC and franchise rights owner of the US based 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria) and Master Pizzaiolo, Chef Rosario Accaria  ( Founder of 800 Degrees Pizza) enlightened us about 800 Degrees, the ingenious pizzeria that bakes the perfect pizza.
The immaculately dressed and charming Mr. Manish obliged us with an exclusive interview where he spoke about the new & upcoming branches of 800 Degrees at Diera City Center as well as Burjuman. 800 Degrees is all set to introduce the region to the rich heritage of Naples through its delectable & exhaustive range of Pizzas. When we think of Pizza we try not to think of healthy. So we were especially enamored by the Gluten free option as well as the fresh produce and toppings at 800 Degrees.

Mr. Manish mentioned that by introducing Gluten free option, they were opening the doors of Pizza delight for those with gluten intolerance and the health conscious. Manish Jeswani, mentioned that 800 Degrees wanted the customer to be completely invested in the creation of their meal.

It was heartening to see Master Pizzaiolo, Chef Rosario Accaria get his hands in the dough and personally help his staff whip out magical Pizzas. Mine was gluten free and so it sat on a special dark brown wooden spatula like plate with a long handle. I was thrilled to choose the crust & toppings as also to watch authentic Italian Pizza being baked in the blazing oven in just 90 seconds, right before my eyes. I loved this concept of fully customize pizzas conjuring up ingenious menus.

With a goal to take the GCC market by storm with culinary delights true to taste from Naples, 800 Degree Pizza’s fresh concept relies on creating completely customizable traditional Neapolitan Pizzas that are oven baked using Almond Wood right in front of the consumer.

The concept of 800 Degrees originated in Los Angeles, California.  800 Degrees attributes its exceptional ideology to the need for authentic Italian pizzas. Pizza Neapolitan is made with just flour, salt, water and wild yeast to create a fluffy, thin and crisp crust. A rich tomato sauce indigenous to 800 Degrees alone, the scrumptious base is then topped with fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. Charred in an oven to perfection using Almond-Wood and all of this is up and ready in 90 seconds. Introducing the taste of Napoli for the first time to L.A., 800 Degrees now comes to the U.A.E. with rich, sumptuous and remarkable pizzas.

About 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria: Founded by Anthony Carron in the US originally, 800 Degrees Pizza strives to honor the heritage of Old World Italian tradition with its Pizza Napoletana baked with only the freshest, ripest ingredients right in front of the eaters. Taking the UAE market by storm within the first week of its inception in Me’aisem City Center, the 800 Degrees Pizza Middle East franchise brings the true taste of Naples to the table with customizable and specialty pizzas made the Italian way. Now open at Mall of the Emirates. The Neapolitan Pizzeria is internationally located at 7 outlets in California, 2 in Nevada, Illinois and Japan.

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