Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Be Infected- Invasion Of Street Culture @ StreeCon, Al Ghurair,Dubai

StreetCon invades Dubai yet again and transforms Al Ghurair into one of the hippest places in the city. Starting from 23rd April- May 2nd this 10 day event is all set to be the biggest street culture festival. It returns with a bang with graffiti, 3 D -visual  art, spray paint tutorial, glow in the dark, open air music, food  & clothing, Jam & Mash Up Sessions, 20 Local & International Artists and the super incredible Luminarium, from Miracoco(the architects of air). 

Kobra, a star at global art scene will also be there to infuse vibrant energy to the giant canvas i.e.  AlGhurair Center and its surrounding. This Brazilian’s art is a mixture of color –drenched pixels, angular repetition and iconic faces. The effect is at once dramatic and playful. Buzzingtales chatted up and found out that this self taught artist is displaying a huge mural of Bedouin, as well as a 3-D street art. The theme is a boat popping out of a bottle from which the cork has been removed. Life giving water pours into the desert-land and makes it bloom. His theme and concept are customized to the region.

Buzzingtales was led into a world of peace and solace when inside the Luminarium. Soft trance music and unimaginably beautiful shapes of light transformed the space made of hand- made thin plastic into vibrant lightscapes that enchants all. The hand -made structure is made in London, Air Workshop in Nottingham.

Nothing compares to the thrill of air blowing on to your face as you skate-board, maneuvering the troughs and mount- displaying a perfect synergy between the body, board and ground. So if you are once who has mastered this sport or want to practice it out you can try out the kits at Rage store and then practice it out on the skate board park in Al Ghurair.

If you crave for the usual high of shopping and food there is plenty of option at the Street Con Festival from yummyluious street food and eclectic street fashion to the ones inside the mall and food court. As for me I would love to shop for a cocktail dress in Mango, grab some accessory at Aldo, and then stop by Morgan De Toi to pick up their fabulous tops and probably have a bite at Paul. Following which I will douse myself completely in the street festival, and binge shop more clothes, eat the savory street food, following which I burn out the calories wandering around or dancing to the peppy numbers at the DJ station completely mesmerized and head for the food court and grab some ice-cream. Hmmm…that sounds like the perfect weekend getaway.

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