Tuesday, February 24, 2015

INNOVABIA Helping You Realize Your Potential ( Innovation & Entrepreneurship :Knowledge Management & Excellence)

How important is knowledge management & innovation for survival? I would say human survival and the development of societies is inconceivable without these two. We have evolved by utilizing knowledge gained through collective experience, its propagation through education and successive application of this knowledge in being creatively innovative, solving the smallest as well the most challenging dynamic problems through creative and innovative solution.

Knowledge management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is of paramount importance in the fiercely competitive business & education world. INNOVABIA is perhaps the first knowledge and innovation management organization in the MENA region dedicated to services in the field of Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation. For its premium services and its product ICE (Innovation Curriculum For Entrepreneurship for Grade 1-12 ) INNOVABIA received the 2014 GESS Awards. Currently ,GESS – the world’s leading global education supplies and solutions exhibition and conference is being held in World Trade Center, Dubai from 24th -26th, & INNOVABIA is also attending it.

As part of a holding company with 20 years in business of Knowledge management and its concomitant services INNOVABIA has twelve offices spanning from Casablanca to Dubai. Starting as the first dedicated Innovation service company in the Middle East, INNOVABIA, headquartered at (UAE), Dubai, Knowledge Village, has grown into the finest entrepreneurship and innovation expert in MENA region. It serves economies through entrepreneurship and Innovation. INNOVABIA helps organizations attain optimum potential by providing machinery for “Systematic Innovation”.
Email :-      dubai@innovabia.com
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