Thursday, October 16, 2014

STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING- Humans are not commodities

Opening a news channel on TV can leaves you feeling depressed and drained powerless in the face of the negative forces at work. Yes TV is a powerful mass media, but what lends it power are the human actions (negative or positive) that it revolves around or as in the case of news channels covers.  You have to be devoid of human emotions if you are not affected by the umpteen cases of child abuse, human trafficking and rape reported in the various platforms. At one point you are left feeling so helpless that the only sane thing to do is switch off the channels, numb your senses or pretend these are alien stuff that happens in a different world and you will remain untouched by it. Some other reactions span as these – 1.become paranoid and make the lives of those around you miserable with your paranoia or 2. a voracious upholder/proponent of human rights.

There is some NEWS however which give you hope, brighten up your day, becomes a reason for you to smile. One such NEWS that brightened up my day was the rescue of a 5 year old child trafficking victim in Jammu Kashmir. This child was kidnapped from Bandra, Mumbai; forced to beg and subsequently abandoned after the recent flood. The child was found hungry and in frail condition by a Kashmiri family. The Jawans too pitted in to help when they were alerted by the family. While the search was on for the girl’s family the Kashmiri family not only took care of the child but had also decided to take in the child as their own if no one claimed her. What a show of humanity by the poor Kashmiri family with 4 kids of their own to sustain. The little 5 year old was all praises for the caring Jawan's as well. It is these little stories of hope & humanity that come up as sparks of light dispelling the engulfing darkness.While the tentacles of Human Trafficking so deep rooted that every effort to 
combat it seems insignificant every step matters.

While the tentacles of Human Trafficking so deep rooted that every effort to 
combat it seems insignificant every step matters.

1. Believe that you can make a difference. Everyone has the potential to identify a human traffickingvictim. Identify and learn the red flags of human trafficking so that you can help in identifying a potential trafficking victim. 

2. Become a cautious consumer. Determine your Slavery Footprint. Find out the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor. 

3. Integrate human trafficking information into places and platforms where you think you can make a difference.

4. Join or initiate an anti-trafficking coalition; donate fund or items to an anti-trafficking organization; start a fund raiser or awareness event.

7. Create public awareness and distribute materials relevant to the topic

8. Volunteer to reach out to victims or offer professional services to a local anti-trafficking organization.

12. Educate your child about it and also help spread awareness. Try to make a difference as a parent, educator, or school administrator, be alert of how traffickers target school-aged children.

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