Thursday, October 2, 2014

PUZZ-LED brightens up your Festive Season (EID & DIWALI)

Around this time of the year Dubai seems to be infested with an abundance of gaiety and joy. With the festivities of Eid & Diwali around the corner, who can be blamed? We all want to steal a slice of joy from life and see it light up the faces of our loved ones. I have often been plagued by the question “Can money buy happiness?” Well, it is a pretty tough question, with answers that can ramble down many paths.  One thing is for sure however. A well thought gift, brought with love (Value is irrelevant) is always priceless. The joy of giving a gift and seeing the happiness reflected on the receiver is one of the most precious thing. So in my quest for the perfect happiness recipe this festive season ( during my gift hunting) I came across Puzz-led, an exclusive collection of Belgium Lamps available at extremely   affordable prices. I thought of letting everyone know about this beautiful new product in the market. So read on to know how you can make this festive season brighter for yourself and for your friends.

In keeping with the festivities of Eid and Diwali ( Indian festival of lights), Puzz-Led has devised an innovative way of striking a rich balance between tradition and modern-day lifestyle, with its wide array collection of products.

PUZZ-LED is a unique idea influenced by Belgian love for art and creativity. The Puzz-Led package contains identical pieces made up of Recycled, heat resistant Poly vinyl material. It is a four-sided piece that can be made into 30 plus various designs. The puzzle comes in three sizes small, medium and large. Each kit has 30 pieces and each piece has 4 sides, 2 round and 2 straight sides. It also has a cord and an instructional page to help you understand how to make these.

The quadrilateral and interlocking pieces join together in variety of ways to achieve self-assembled lampshades. It is a combination of puzzles for those who think creativity and lighting for those who appreciate beauty at home and office. Creative 30 amazing shapes come out of 30 Puzzle Light pieces. However a combination of different shapes, colors and sizes make it all open to unlimited possibilities where your imagination is the limit.

Whether it is hotel, restaurant, home, offic , commercial or residential areas, or for indoors or outdoors spaces, PUZZ-LED products add beauty, elegance and color to it. Puzz-Led products are available in Dubai Festival City opposite Ikea and Hyper Panda customer service elevator.

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Muhammad A said...

Thanks Minakhee for making us aware. Seems a nice product.

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