Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interview with ATELIER M's Chef & Creator MR. Mohammad

Can you please tell us about the motivation behind Atelier M and what is the significance of this name?

I wanted to create something unique in Dubai. Atelier M is 3 venues in 1 (restaurant, lounge & rooftop).
Atelier means workshop and the M stands for Mohammad :)

    What are the unique experiences you wish to offer through Atelier M?

      I want our guests to experience fine dining at the restaurant, enjoying the great      atmosphere in our lounge and never forget our breathtaking rooftop. You spend your whole evening with us, you don´t have to move to another venue.

Can you share any interesting anecdote or memory associated with your culinary journey?    

Well, it´s a tough industry, but all memories are always associated with great teams and chefs.

    Who have been your Idols and what inspired you to take up this amazing career option?

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who helped me to become a good chef and Gabino Satelino, who helped me to be successful in the culinary industry

    “French cuisine re- interpreted with Asian fusion flair” is the USP of Atelier M. What was your basic idea behind this?

       I love Japanes food, Asian flavours and French cooking techniques. Combining these 3 things creates amazing dishes. 
What are culinary delights one should look forward to at Atelier M? 

We have many, but for example Hamachi tatare with avocado and yuzu vinaigrette or Prawn gigli with shallot, tarragon lobster both delight the taste buds of our guests.

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