Tuesday, July 1, 2014


On 21st of June 2014, a sultry Saturday evening in Dubai became a very special evening for me. What was so different this evening? Nothing much, except that I could become one among the 32 other Artist’s who had contributed their paintings for a beautiful cause. The Bosnia Charity Auction organized by Jaahirah was a wonderful initiative, under the patronage of Bosnia and Herzegovina Embassy, which took shape at Dubai International Arts Center. This was the second Charity Auction I participated in but the excitement and anticipation was as strong as the first event.


One of the most severe floods, in 120 years, ravaged Bosnia and Serbia recently, leading to a state of emergency. 32 Artists from different nationalities showed their support and donated their paintings which were then auctioned off. It was quiet a loot for the bidders and art collectors. Each painting was auctioned off at a prize far less than their actual market value. About 8 paintings were retained by the DIAC so that they can become part of another Charity auction and raise greater contribution for The Bosnia cause. 
Contributed Art Works On Display

Production & Contribution By Henosis (Ashwin & Archana)

Painting Contributed by Me-Expanding Boundaries
Auction in Progress

The Bidders

Skeptics feel artists who contribute put on a garb of casual philanthropists to garner publicity for themselves and their paintings. I will not argue if such a mind set is right or wrong but if such publicity helps put a smile across someone’s face I see no wrong in it. There are umpteen examples of paintings that challenge most people’s visual senses and their ability to understand the why they command such insane prize tags.

For example the Untitled painting below by Cy Twombly sold for a whooping $2.3 Million!


It is said beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Forgive me for being visually challenged and not seeing the painting any different from what my 2 year old had scribbled on the wall once.  If that is the kind of money which art works have ability to command, imagine its potential to bring about real changes with the money they can generate.

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