Monday, March 10, 2014

My Insane Lovely World

My Insane Lovely World
As the day comes to a draw
I lay eyes on those innocent looking things
My children, I call these beings
Clearly these things are having a ball in their dreamland
Sleep a magical potion, transforms these monkeys to cherubic lads
Memories of screams still rattle my ear drums
The house just recovered from Tsunami , and the bin looks constipated filled to the brim
Yet my lips curl up tickled by random memories of some innocuous chatter
Some profound enlightenment  arises  from that  insane clutter
Like the other day I warned! "Kids revise so your short term memories turn into long term ones"
Pat came a answer,“ Why not discover such cans, put all such memories into long term memory cans? Wear them whenever and wherever you can?”
“ OH I know” came another one “ Why not design them into hats to be donned on like that Mad Hatter man”

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