Monday, October 22, 2012

Unpredictable Love


Your love my sweet, the lashing sting of unseasonal rain
An unpredictable child, a vast enigmatic ocean, I try to keep afloat in vain.
I took the plunge, flapping away, far from the nest of love
With faith clouding my judgment, belief tricking and shoving
Thrilled, into cupid’s unknown land I was drove.

The fury fermenting within you must be your possessive love.
I blushed within your protective cage, thinking that’s your untamed adore.
The dust of time settled on our nuptials ties.
Delusional blindfolds in tatters exposing the rotting lies.
I walked through fire to please you.
 I changed my attire, my thoughts- down to my very soul.
Yet with every alteration comes a sterner demand fracturing my core.

I am happy in your success your failure breaks me too.
I am your unswerving companion.  Yet your hand fails me when the blizzards blow strong.
In sickness while I nurse you, your unsightly insults I ignore.  “Must be the frustrations of a weak body”, I think no more.
Yet when my heart cries out, I nurse my broken dreams alone.
You think of me as selfish, needy and clingy deserving to be left forlorn.
When truth stands stripped of impulse, mirage and fantasy
Pristine in the light of realization, I understand love seeks no reward
But has a bleak fate unadorned by mutual admiration and regard.

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