Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Guide

My  Guide

At Al Ain

As I squandered in self-doubt
heart aching for some route
You came primed with all your clout

When hope ran its course
came a silver lining from a divine source 
tugging me from the whirl pool of sand
urging me to trudge along for that blissful land

“It lies there hidden, don’t lose way
Though darkness leads you astray
Unflagging you must stay”

These glorious words nudged me along
No matter the thousand  falls
The pricks from the thorns, the hurt from that hurled stone
Uncertainty can build no cage
No rage, insecurity, panic or dread
It may take ages but the path is laid
Decked in glee, drenched with bliss
Till you are my guide urging me along

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