Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gift Haunting

Gift Hunting

A soft shawl drenched in love, a few dainty home décor

 a smile across Mom’s face, that’s for sure.

A smart shirt, savvy gadgets for the car

now my bro is loading me with presents without par.

Branded purses, perfumes and souvenirs

gifts for rest of the family, I manage without an uproar.

Father I heard wore the sweater till it tore

Mom secretly discarded it, before it became family joke lore.

 Never demanding, considerate and loving,

 treasuring gifts for their intrinsic worth,

Mom –In -Law, like the rest of the kin

 cherishes even a table cloth.

Father in law and the pen, constant, in-separable companion,

till the leaking culprit, caused all his shirts to stain.

Selecting gifts for loved ones , never a chore

yet picking for dad’s and dad-in-laws, arduous mission to the core.

Shirts, pens and sweaters their cabinets can hold no more.

Any novelty or experiment, acknowledged, accepted with grace

“You didn’t have to get me anything J” those words hang in space.

Blink and the gifts goes to secret dark recesses, to points of no return.

The news of a promotion, an award daughter got,

son’s success at race, life in a good spot,

Glee and pleasure they exude unmatched,

Yet this time I’m taking a massager and a branded watch.

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