Sunday, September 4, 2011


Crazy Inventions
There is a very thin line between genius and insanity. Inventions are of course the work of geniuses. Well here are a few inventions that makes one wonder if that is the case always.
1.   A device to train fishes to get themselves caught in the fishing net. Really that’s absolutely criminal, kills all the fun of fishing.

2.  A food detector at home that read’s  something like -“Item: Soup  / Temp: 110/Bland: Yes/Edible: Definitely no”. Gosh! Put the money into some good cookery class or order. Instead of sweating it out to cook, with a extremely skewed probability of staying hungry.

3.  A blanket designed to keep your marriage stink free literally, in case you are at the receiving end of a gaseous attack by your life-mate. Well this one is tough to decide, let’s ponder.

4.   Have a problem getting your toddler out of the couch in front of TV. Some scientist feel a portable TV attached to a tricycle is great out- door sports incentive.

5.  Technology sure makes life easier, an automatic twirling fork for spaghetti goes a long for those whose wrist tires easily from the exercise.

6.  For those with a sporty disposition, who feel the daily trips to restroom are a sheer waste of time “potty putter” (a small golf ball, golf stick and a customized hole) is a pure blessing.  Magazines and newspapers are just not adequate entertainment for some people.

7.  If you can keep animal protection activists out, duster shoes on your cat’s feet are a penny and sweat saving device to ward off dust. The user manual probably should come with instruction on how to train a cat to move at the proper places.

8.  A rainy day is no longer a hindrance for smokers who walk. With  umbrella tipped cigarettes one can smoke this problem off -puuff.

9.  Wish to catch up on your sleep while traveling on the metro without being jerked out of it. Buy  a cap equipped with a vacuum funnel at it’s back for great head gripping sleep.

10.             Want to save some bucks on cutlery. A butter stick (like a glue stick) is a good bet. This one has my votes for a cross over to genius.
A water mill invented by Johathan Ritchey, can generate water from fresh air. The cost a meager 3 cents for every liter.

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