Monday, June 2, 2014

Trauma's in the virtual world

Trauma's in Virtual world

Until a decade ago, mobile phones were available only for the rich and affluent. Today every tom dick and harry has the latest handset complete with a camera and video option. In India, many children have no access to education; villages go without electricity and water. Most recently, one of my friend joined face book. Very soon, she became an avid face book surfer, networking and adding friends by scores each day. A few days back her status somberly stated that she might be out of touch with friends as she has to to travel to a remote place in India, and network may not be available. Two days later his status read “yippee, Internet working here!” This is the reach of social media the great equalizer.

Social networking sites have produced a classless society in some ways. Gone are the days when you only dreamed about interacting with your movie idols. Just "like" a fan page and viola! you can give opinions about what kind of beard suits them- "Big B the salt and pepper goatee suits you". But does Big B actually care. He may humour you to add more numbers to his whopping fan club and make it stronger. This will certainly ensure you go watch his movie even the ridiculous ones. After all he saw your opinion about his beard, the least you can do is give a couple of hours of your weekend for his creative endeavor. But wait a second. Did he actually SEE your opinion, or was it his secretary.That's the catch in social networking sites, you can create a world alien from reality, present a image remote to self, you can bitch about your so called friend to your spouse "Oh! that stalker is creeping me!"- while you text him/her " wow! so grt to catch up again :)"
No doubt when one operates on such double standards it results in a lot of unwanted stress, and a feeling of void. For individuals who are volatile,emotionally weak, lonely networking sites can wreak havoc. Addiction to networking sites is not an uncommon ailment among the otherwise rational and thinking individuals. 

Eg. of Common anxieties/negative emotions seen among user's:

  •  I've posted my status for 15 min and only a few likes, no comments what so ever. Am I so unpopular.
  • I liked her pic why has she not obliged?
  • What a show off posting pics of her trips to South Africa...I bet there is something fishy with her husband and he tries to mask it.....
  • Just 200 friends got to add those oldies who look weird and that kido I don't know.
  • If I comment other's will follow suit(herd instinct).
  • My friend is depressed how am I going to help?
  • Is my GF having an affair on FB with her ex?
  • Gosh! I want to be online but that creep is here.
  • I send the chat msg he is online but no ans. Is he avoiding me?
  • My mother and aunt are on FB and will hound me about the pic I took with that hot chick and uploaded.
  • Mrs. Dey is my friend but what do I do with Mr.Dey's friend's request.
  • My friend's have commented like creeps and my MIL on my list of FB friends will read it.
  • Do I accept my FIL's friends request?
Can't believe that until a few years there was a saying- 2 is company and 3 is a crowd, now you can be a joking stock if your FB list of friends are less than a 3 digit number. Only respite- what matters most is far from this virtual world.

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