Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Last Of The Tasburai an engrossing debutant novel by Rehan Khan

For all the action fantasy novel fans in UAE who have housed a longing for their very own, home grown creator, there is cause for much celebration. Dubai based author Rehan Khan has woven an impressive tale about a class of gallant warriors (The Tasburai’s), embroiled in power struggle, war, and politics. “The Last Of The Tasburai” story unfolds in the fictitious Avantolian peninsula inhabited by people of myriad culture, including the tyrannical Avantolian Republic, the revered Tasburai warriors,  the opulent monarchical Kronnorburg state as well as the Athenian Archipelago, the Empire of Duria, the Pathan Province, and Krakonite state. Despite their conflicting interests the states had united in the past against a common enemy- Magorg the race of the demon masters. The sacred order of the Tasburai (especially Grand master Suri-Yi  )had been instrumental in forging this alliance. However in the present day scenario there are various events and evidences which reveal that Magorg race has not been obliterated.

 Originally elite class of altruistic combatants, the Tasburais have lost their sense of equilibrium and are now being used by the Avanist republic as an instrument of prosecution. Even innocent citizens are being victimized. However the sparks of their previous glory and honor is still kicking and alive in Adan and Suri-Yi. The plot develops around the  5 main protagonist - Adan a phenomenal young orphaned Tasburai  apprentice; the courageous  Ylva who is a lady Robinwood of sorts, the gullible princess Elsta, Tasburai grand-master Suri-Yi and captain Rikard.

Young adults will be drawn to the fast paced action drama with intriguing male and female protagonists. This speedy action packed epic fantasy brings out the internal conflicts of the protagonists even as their lives gets intertwined in the cascading secrets that tumble out from the dark closets. The battles, both external and internal fought by the characters give ample scope for their heroism and virtuous personality to emerge even when faced with adversities. Adults will find the internal conflicts faced by the protagonist quite captivating. There is some distant echo of the immensely popular Game of Thrones and Lord of Rings though the narrative retains its freshness. All in all a speedy entertaining read, reverberating with engrossing deeper meaning.

Adan, an apprentice of the legendary Tasburai order, is training hard to become an elite warrior in the service of the Avanist Republic. He’s horrified to discover the Republic’s authoritarian leaders are reshaping the Tasburai as a tool of persecution. Innocent people are being imprisoned. He didn’t sign up for this. Feisty young thief Ylva robs the rich of the walled city of Kronnoburg. She is helping her father Olaf, one time mercenary, redistribute wealth to the needy. But when she steals a Tasburai sword, her world turns upside down. Meanwhile, captain Rikard, a lowly commoner, discovers a secret plan by the Avanist Republic to overthrow Kronnoburg. Only nobody believes him, including Princess Elsta, its na├»ve ruler, who just wants to get married to her dashing prince. And finally, Tasburai grandmaster Suri-Yi, sword of the Avanist Republic, is trying to become … a better person, which is difficult, considering the Republic has ordered her to export violent revolution. What’s worse, she’s discovered old enemies—the Magrog and their demons—are poised to invade. Suri-Yi needs to unite the Avanist Republic and Kronnoburg against the Magrog. She’s about to drag Adan, Ylva, Rikard, and Elsta into the one thing she does best. Killing.

About Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan, was born in Wimbledon, is a first time author for the book Last of the Tasburai. As his day job, Rehan is the Regional Consulting Director in the MENA region, for a FTSE 100 corporation. He has more than twenty years of experience. Rehan has worked across a number of industries including: telecoms, media, technology, real estate, private equity and executive education. He is also a Professor of Management at HULT International Business School. Between 2009-10, Rehan was a business columnist for The National  newspaper in the UAE. Rehan holds a master’s degree in applied social and market research, as well as an MBA in strategy.

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