Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rendezvous with Irresistible Mexican Cuisine At Rosa Mexicano, Dubai Mall

 Mexican cuisine has always presented an irresistible allure for me, with its spicy flavors & adventurous yet no fuss cuisine - much like the rustic charm of Cowboys. Hence, when Rosa Mexicano organized a special tacos tasting for editors only at Dubai mall I was more than happy to try out their selection of Tacos.

The vibrant, lively and yet chic mood & ambiance inside was quiet apparent from the title board of blue background setting out the illuminated letters announcing “Rosa Mexicano”.  The festive mood was accentuated by its decor in signature hues of purples, pinks, reds & oranges and in the dramatic architectural designs featuring cascading water walls.

I entered to the warming sight of two chubby kids helped by a waiter to don the “Sombrero” (Spanish for "Hat") hats set out on a table. Clearly Rosa Mexicano was in celebratory mood for its “Irresistible Tacos Festival” from February 15th- March 15th, 2015.

It was a pleasure to witness the Guacamole en Molcajete come alive right in front of my eyes as it got prepared on fresh table-side in a lava-rock mortar. The avocados, freshly chopped reds of tomato, greens of jalapeno & chilies combined together to transform into one of the most delicious dips I have tasted. Undoubtedly the award winning dishes, Guacamole as well as the Frozen Pomegranate Margarita deserved a big bow.

Clearly Rosa Mexicano keeps customer satisfaction at top of the heap because it had dining options both for vegetarian as well as vegan diners. Vegetarians can try out  the rich and cheesy Taco De Queso (Cheese Taco) or the crispy and flavorful Mixed Vegetarian Tacos. The Non-Vegetarians are spoilt for choice and can even go for sea food tacos like Taco de Camarones (Shrimp Tacos), or Taco De Pollo (Chicken Taco) and Taco De Crana Asada (Braised Short Ribs Tacos). All the dishes tried out were anchored in the culture and traditions of Mexico, while incorporating modern innovation and regional accents.

 Having food outside is no longer about satisfying your basic need, i.e. to eat food and douse hunger. Eating out is all about the dining experience and if that is not a wholesome piece of goodness one doesn't want to repeat the experience. Rosa Mexicano scores brownie points on many accounts, from ambiance, to service, to quality food and comes across as a place one would like to repeat and revisit their eating experience.


Founded in 1984 by chef Josefina Howard, with currently 15 locations across the USA, and internationally in Panama City, Puerto Rico and Dubai (one at the Mirdif City Centre and the second in the Dubai Mall opened in July 2013), Rosa Mexicano has set a new standard for Mexican cuisine ever since it opened its first restaurant in New York Rcosa Mexicano continues its commitment to serving authentic Mexican flavors, using socially responsible ingredients.

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