Monday, September 29, 2014

Nargis Fakhri Brand Ambassador of 2B Natural Fruit Drink With Anti-Aging Property

 On 25th September 2014, Buzzingtales was invited to the launch of 2B Active and 2B Relaxed at Armani Hotel, Downtown Dubai. This new generation of natural lifestyle drinks caught my attention instantly, for two reason. First, this exclusive event was alongside the beauteous Bollywood actress & 2B’s official brand ambassador Nargis Fakhri. The second compelling reason was that, this multi-functional fruit drink was touted to have anti-aging properties and contained no artificial flavors or colors. The age old pre-occupation of majority of population across successive generation has been with deferring aging and preserving beauty and youth. Hence I too was intrigued and wanted to find out more.


As I waited for Nargis Fakhri’s arrival, I chatted up with 2B’s amazing inventor, Dr Armin Breinl from Austria. Dr. Armin a gynecologist, physician, a member of Austrian Anti-Aging Society and developer of functional drinks 2B dons many hats with ease. This extremely talented yet humble doctor says that though 2B is being launched in UAE now, it has been in the Austrian market for 10 years though.  He further says "One very memorable moment was when 2B won the prestigious title, Top Innovation ANUGA 2013” at the ANUGA 2013 in Cologne. The Doctor further corroborates “2B has 50% fruit content and has no preservatives or added sugar.” The 2 natural fruit drinks (2B Active and 2B Relaxed) not only have anti-oxidants but being natural fruit juices these are loaded with multi-vitamins. Dr. Armin further says “Absorption of Vitamin by our body is always better when it comes through food rather than capsules.” Shiraz Javed, CEO of  2B MENA and Asia commented “2B Drinks is a convenient way for active individuals to accomplish their daily nutritional goals while maintaining their busy lifestyle.”


When the gorgeous Nargis breezed into the venue in a simple yet elegant black and white dress all those present clamored for a look and to chat with her. Her easy going warmth, positive spirit, unassuming attitude and jovial humor, charmed everyone present.
  • How was the journey?

Coming from a multi-ethnic background, being an American model and now a Bollywood actress she is quite a global citizen. Hence I was curious about her journey. She became quite nostalgic and described it as being “a tremulous roller-coaster ride with both its ups and downs.”
  • Why 2B?

When asked about how she felt about 2B, she urged us to try it out and wait for the effect to seep in slowly. She recommended it as a rejuvenator, de-stressor as well as something great even for pregnant mothers.
  • Message to fans

 She made a happy clap and squeak when I told her Rockstar is one of my favorite among her movies. Nargis asked her fans to watch out for her upcoming projects, which she will start working on sometime around December.
  • How to get that fantastic figure?

When I asked her to share some tips about diet and how one can achieve a fabulous figure like her she said “Simple things like drinking 2 liters of water in a day, eating right and healthy, exercising daily as well as staying relaxed and positive go a long way in making for a great mind and body.”

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