Thursday, April 4, 2013


Birds of strong wings

As the day comes to a draw
The squirrels, our neighbors
 squirmed in their tiny craw
Their brood was big, no space to sit still,
 they are yet to grow

We awaited our parents,
tensed in our little nest
Sweats gathered in our brow ,
 we hoped for the best

The life of a bird,
not so easy you see
We court dangers,
 just to remain free

Inside that egg,
I felt caged
Bidding my time,
 to crack out unfazed

Life has been tough since
We chirped incessantly just to let our parents know
"We are alive, just let us grow!"
Eager to leave this nest, eager to go!

There’s a slithering hazard, waiting below
Ready to gobble us, that sly fellow
We wish our wings to grow strong
Our will solid, to face anything that may go wrong

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