Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The light of life

The light of life

The radiance of night, plays trick on mind
Is it day yet? Oh ! It's just the luminous Diwali, lights
Fountains of laughter ignite the air
Spirited children, and sparkles sprinkle happiness blare
Shiny glitters on sky, chase away the gloomy shades
Everywhere life and the zeal to live thrives

Elsewhere the air shatters, and splinters fly
Screeches of terror vibrate through every inch
 A line of houses reduces to boulders and ashes dry
Panic, fear, and shrieks of desperation descends
A hand, a leg, bloody faces dots every inch
Innocence, humanity and sanity mutilated, only brutality rages thick
For land, honor, religion or money, the reason forever weak
The right to erase life, can never be a worthy feat

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