Monday, November 21, 2011

Dancing with Sukhbir


Punjabi’s- the spirited sons of Indian soil! Sukbir – the bindas Punjabi singer showered loads of his carefree spirit, rendered dancy numbers at India club Dubai and made sure all feet’s moved to the beat of his music. Not quite known for soothing numbers, this "munda" from Punjab made up for the lack of soulful music with heavy bombardment of raw charm. Music has the power to entice, move the soul, and create mood. Well yes all of it is true. Not all music is however meant to be swayed to softly or listened to misty eyed. The singer with numerous peppy punjabi to his credit, did create a mood befitting his music-and what a mood he created! Even the most lethargic obliged by tapping their feet and clapping their hands. An elderly aunty, clad in Gujrati style saree, and a crown of white hair almost scared Sukhbir (too scared for auntie’s health)amazed all with her delightful foot work.  The enthusiastic just tore apart the floor. I personally loved the "dolak" (Indian drums) wala’s with their commanding strokes on the drum. The extremely magical, repetitive, resounding and powerful drum beats literally made my heart race and explode. The dancers added to the electrifying atmosphere and gave the audience an opportunity to mimic steps whenever they ran out of them. Delightful and unexpected talents among the audience were also awarded. There was an award for the best female and male dancer, best child dancer and several other surprise announcements. Well I won’t say I will come home drowned in his magical voice, but yes, for sure I will relive the uninhibited moments of sheer senseless fun I had with friends. Keep Rocking Punjab da Puttar!

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