Saturday, November 14, 2015

Beat Obesity - Beat Diabetes

Obesity has continued to grow within the UAE, and so does the prevalence of obesity-related diseases and health complications.  Among these many health challenges, diabetes remains as a major concern in the country. Latest figures from the International Diabetes Federation reveal that 19% of the UAE population is affected by diabetes, and that the country ranks fifth in the region for diabetes prevalence.

Health complications such as nerve damage, eye and foot problems, as well as possible kidney damage, are just some of the concerns associated with uncontrolled diabetes.  Experts agree that controlling one’s blood sugar levels is the best way to treat diabetes and decrease its symptoms. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet along with regular physical activity can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Right Bite, the pioneer in healthy meal delivery service, joins the global call for greater awareness and education to fight diabetes in light of the celebration of World Diabetes Day on November 14. Here are top recommendations for a diabetes-busting healthy diet from Right Bite dietitian Riham Shamseddine:

1.     Shed off the extra pounds if you are overweight or suffering from obesity

·         Aim for a healthy weight loss of an average of 0.5 to 1 kg per week, under the supervision of your dietitian or your physician

·         Follow a healthy and balanced regimen that includes meals from all the main five food groups (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products)

2.     Eat more frequent but smaller meals

·         Eating small meals but more frequently at consistent times helps improve blood sugar levels

·         Aim to have 3 main meals with 1 – 2 healthy snacks as recommended by your healthcare provider

·         Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast as it helps you kick start your metabolism and prevents hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar) from happening

3.     Practice portion control

·         Eating smart is not enough. Portion control is very important as it is essential to consume the right amount of calories if we are planning to lose weight. Weight gain is one of the major risk factors for diabetes

4.     Forget the myth of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet plan

·          Eat carbohydrates in moderation, as they should constitute around 45% of your total daily intake

·          Choosing the right type of carbohydrates, which are a major source of energy, helps in regulating blood sugar levels

·          Choose complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and quinoa and whole-grain breads instead of the white and refined ones. Whole-grain is rich in fiber which keeps you full for a longer period and is essential to decrease the absorption of glucose in the blood

·          Avoid simple sugar such as table sugar, honey, candies, sodas, cookies and cakes

·          Make sure to include fruits daily especially the ones with the edible skin and stay away from dried fruits and fresh juices even if fresh and unsweetened or without any added sugar

·         Consume more green leafy vegetables at each meal as they are also rich in fiber and help reduce the absorption of glucose in the blood

5.     Reduce your sugar intake

·         Practice smart swaps: replace sugar-coated cereals with unsweetened and plain whole-grain cereals such as oatmeal

·         Avoid adding sugar to your beverages. You can flavor your beverages with fresh lemon wedges, peppermint, ginger or cinnamon sticks

·         Substitute flavored puddings or sweets with fresh fruits, plain yogurt, or yogurt with fresh chunks of fruits

·         Stay away from artificial sweeteners and zero sugar beverages and sweets

·         6.     Lower your intake of salt to maintain a healthy blood pressure

·         Don’t add salt to your meals, use spices and herbs to flavor your favorite dishes

·          Avoid condiments such as mustard, ketchup, soy sauce as they are very high in sodium

·         Avoid the use of cooking stocks and ready-to use cooking powders

·          Limit the consumption of cold cuts and smoked meat/fish

·          Cut down on ready-made foods, soups, frozen meals, olives, pickles and canned items as they are also very rich in sodium

7.     Include the “good fats”

·           Avoid the use of saturated fats (solid fat at room temperature) like butter and ghee

·          Choose unsaturated fats like olive oil to dress your salads

·           Substitute salted and roasted nuts with unsalted, raw ones

·           Consume skinless chicken breast  instead of chicken thighs and wings

·          Replace lamb with beef fillet as the fat percent is much less

·           Aim to consume at least twice a week a fatty fish like fresh salmon or tuna as they are rich in the heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid

8.     Use the Plate Method to guide you
·         Keep only about 1/4 of your plate for starchy foods including starchy vegetables or grains like brown rice, quinoa, whole-wheat pasta
·         Fill half of your plate with green leafy and non-starchy vegetables
·          The last quarter is for your lean protein foods such as fish, salmon or skinless chicken breast; to keep portions smaller, keep the food to a depth of about the thickness of your palm

9.     Get physically active

·         Aim to be active at least 3 times a week for a total of 150 minutes. Practice your favorite sports such as dancing, swimming, football ,tennis

·         Always check your blood glucose (sugar) levels before any type of activity as high blood glucose levels with heavy activity can lead to hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar) and many other complications

·          Consult your physician prior to starting any exercise routine

Not only does a healthy lifestyle maintain proper levels of blood sugar, it also may aid in the weight loss process which is a major risk factor for diabetes

Burjuman Safe & Sound at Kite Beach

The month of October dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, saw many inspiring & applaudable initiatives from organizational giants including the one by BurJuman -Safe and Sound (a collaborative initiative along with AlJalila Foundation, Brest Friends, & Unicare).Thousands of Dubai residents flocked at the Kite Beach on October 31st to help celebrate a successful Breast Cancer Awareness month at the BurJuman Safe and Sound Community Event.
The family-friendly event saw the Dubai Drums, Sky Dive Dubai, Dance It Out Dubai , Fitness First and members of BurJuman’s charity partners, Brest Friends connect with crowds in the informal beach setting.
Members of Sky Dive Dubai parachuted into the busy beach holding the BurJuman Safe and Sound banner, making history by completing the UAE’s first sky dive for breast cancer prevention.
The BurJuman Safe and Sound campaign is one of the longest running charity campaigns in the Middle East, helping raise awareness on breast cancer prevention, and raising funds to help those affected by the disease, with its charity partners, The Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends.
BurJuman Group CEO, Majid Al Ghurair said: “We first launched the Burjuman Safe & Sound campaign back in 1997 and what started as a small in-mall activation has now become the biggest and most- established breast cancer awareness campaign in the Middle East region, reaching over 25 million people with a message of awareness and early detection. I am personally extremely proud of that achievement and rest assured that our support will remain for many years to come. This campaign is a confirmed fixture in our annual calendar and indeed in that of the residents of the UAE and beyond.”

1Linda Berlot, from charity partner, Brest Friends, said: “As a breast cancer survivor, it means the world to me to see so many people come out for such an important cause. My charity helps provide treatment to women who otherwise would not be able to access life-saving medical care. We thank everyone for their donations and for helping spread messages of prevention.”

2Safe and Sound has traditionally raised awareness for breast cancer with a Pink Walkathon. This year, a key change to the programme was the introduction of the new Safe & Sound App, which allows users to donate directly to the charity Brest Friends at the same time as tracking their steps and working on their own health. The app allows users to raise funds all year long, creating wider reach than the traditional month-long campaign.

3When the total combined distance walked by users reaches the milestone figure of 50,000km in 2015, BurJuman pledged to donate a further AED100,000 to our Safe & Sound charity partners.
So far over 7,000 users have logged and downloaded the app.
To learn more about the app, view the Safe and Sound video:
The Burjuman Safe & Sound app is now available for download on iPhone and Android. Search for ‘Burjuman Safe and Sound’ in app store or google play or simply click on the links below:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

“PIK-NIK” Returns to the Westin

Happiness is all about the sweet moments of life. Lush greenery, pleasant weather, cool breeze of sea, abandoned laughter, chatter of little boys & girls, a basket full of delectable goodies, sprawling on a mat / bean bag laid across the grass and a relaxed brunch with family- that is how Buzzingtales stumbled upon  happiness one fine Saturday at Pik-Nik  at The Westin Dubai, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina.

With the weather Gods smiling upon Dubailanders, this lovely Picnic was pleasant respite from the technology laden & mall driven entertainment. It was indescribably soothing to listen to the live band playing lively music as we lazed around in bright red bean bags and picnic mats. Kids were entertained by a spirited juggler who taught them a few trick, letting the parent have some couple time. There was more fun in the activity area designed for the kids as well as the young at heart adults – what with balancing games, balloon fun, and face painting. Inviting aroma of barbeques, crepes and freshly baked breads invaded the air. Romance bounced and bubbled in the air as couples could take their minds off the rushed city environs and relish the park & sea views or perhaps dash over to indulge in the beach activities and swimming. Buzzingtales sighted a small group of people at the picnic spot enjoying a Halloween themed birthday party. What an novel place to celebrate?

The Westin Dubai, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina’s popular Saturday Pik-Nik, which has returned to the Westin for the new season is clearly a winner all the way. Buzzingtales discovered that,  the new season is much bigger and better.  For just AED 390 per basket, that caters to 2 adults and 2 children (excluding beverages) a family can purchase a basket full of old world charm, fun, happiness apart from the whole lot of delectable eateries. Buzzingtales loved the delicious assortment of breads, cheeses and charcuterie; mini salads; dips; condiments; pickles and pastries.  We also relished the refreshing ice-tea . Guest are also  able to purchase beach access at a special rate of AED 200 for adults and AED 125 for kids between 4 and 12.

Pik-Nik, which takes place between 11.30am and 4.00pm is designed to give families quality time together within the beautiful surroundings of the Westinresort. Every week guests are treated to an
 ever-changing schedule of interactive entertainment, from face painting to kid’s club activities. Buzzingtales feels that Pik-Nik is the best gift one can give to the family. Go savor the weather and enjoy some precious quality time with your near & dear ones at Pik-Nik.

What: Pik-Nik @ The Westin Dubai, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina
When: Every Saturday
Time: 11.30am – 4.00pm  
Where:  Mina Gardens, The Westin Dubai, Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina

Price: AED 390 per basket for a family of two adults and two children (excluding beverages)
Beach access: AED 200 for adults / AED 125 for kids between 4 and 12

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vaseline Spray - Moisturize Instantly

Buzzingtales received its review pack of the New Vaseline Spray and realized getting moisturized 
was as easy as blinking. Most women have lotions at home, but don’t use them on a daily basis as their biggest barrier is “lack of time.” Women know they should be using body lotion every day, but skip it because it takes too long to apply and absorb, slowing down their morning routine.

Vaseline introduces the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, a quick and continuous 360° spray lotion that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds, allowing women to put their clothes right on after moisturizing and get on with their day. It leaves the skin instantly soft, not sticky or greasy!

Unlike traditional bottled lotions, new Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer delivers category changing innovation through the union of three special elements:
1.     External Structure: Consists of an expertly-engineered, twist-lock actuator that is easy to press and prevents spills, as well as a contoured aluminum can that fits nicely in the hand
2.     Internal Structure: Utilizes bag-on-valve technology for 360° non-aerosol spray delivery, using only compressed air
3.     Formulation: Thin enough to spray, while utilizing the right balance of humectants and occlusives to deliver a non-sticky sensory experience, and effective moisturization. The formula contains multi-layer moisture complex and infuses moisture across all layers of skin – at the top, the core and deep down.
These features unite to deliver a targeted spray (approximately the width of a woman’s wrist) that spreads easily and evenly, and absorbs quickly with a few quick rubs.

“We know the number one reason women don’t use lotion more regularly is because of the wait time that comes with normal lotion application,” says Sabeen Fazli, Marketing Director, Personal Care, Unilever Gulf “That’s why we’re excited to be launching new Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, a breakthrough innovation that offers women a quick and convenient moisturizing solution. Our goal is to make it easy for more women to incorporate lotion into their daily morning routines and keep their skin healthy.”

The Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer line includes three variants, each available in a 190ml can:
1.     Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Essential Healing: contains pure oat extract leaving the skin feeling healthy
2.     Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Aloe Fresh: contains pure aloe leaving the skin feeling fresh
3.     Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Cocoa Radiant: contains pure cocoa butter  for glowing skin

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is available at all major supermarkets starting at AED 24.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Seriously Comic - Dubai Comedy Festival, 2015 October

Seriously, what’s life without a bit of comedy? If you ask me it has to be something like – A cup of Baskin Robbins ice-cream cup, filled with lemon juice. Eikes!! Dubai however, threw no such disappointments our way. The city earnestly readied itself for a big dose of laughter as the first ever leading comedy event – Dubai Comedy Festival - descended upon Dubailanders.  Starting from 15th October to 24th October , 2015, this 10 day comedy affair, treated the residents to many unforgettable bone tickling moments. Live stage performances and street shows which were hallmark of Dubai Comedy Festival prepared the residents for a massive list of festivals that are making way to the city soon. Dubai is all set to become a global force in the events and entertainment world.

At the fore front of the Comedy Festival were the 2 comic giants from America, Trevor Noah and Dave Chapelle. Various international comic stalwarts like Hannibal Buress, Jerrod Carmichael and Mac king as well as local Arabic talents like Bader Saleh and Ali Al Sayed joined the comic forces to form a formidable team for the Dubai Comedy Festival. Indian expats had reason to rejoice, with scintillating shows like the Desi Invasion and comedy plays like The Siddhu’s Of Upper Juhu, lined up. Sky dive Dubai hosted the main events at a purpose built venue specifically for the Comedy Shows.

As Buzzingtales approached the venue to attend the popular Mac King show on the Etisalat family day, it was just thrilled to see the skydivers dropping in from the blue sky with abandon. The atmosphere was electrifying, what with magnetic music, power packed beat- boxers, titillating aroma of food emerging from food stalls of all possible variety.  We had just one thing to do and that is, to sit back and enjoy the show.

Mac King the proved that he was indeed the king of both magic and comedy. This American magician had a whole lot of tricks rolled up his sleeves and kept the audience mesmerized effortlessly thought out his performance. It was a particularly unforgettable memory for certain lucky members of the audience who got to participate with the king of Comedy on stage. The audience cringed up their noses as Mac King swallowed the earthworm and brought it back unharmed at the most unexpected moment. With both adults and kids taking home barrel loads of laughter the Mac King show turned out to be a smashing hit.
Buzzingtales strongly believes that a family that has fun together stays together. With so many exciting events and family friendly festivals lined up this winter, Dubai is the coolest place to chill around with your family and friends.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Have you ever walked into a shop and wished it were your wardrobe instead? Well on 21st October,2015, when Buzzingtales walked into the posh environs of La Perla Boutique at Dubai Mall we had a jaw dropping moment, and we just wanted each of those stylish unbelievably soft stuff in our wardrobe. This Italian brand has become synonymous with sophistication, style and beauty ever since it was founded in 1954. 

Buzzingtales was effortlessly impressed by the unique designs, intricate hand embroidery, delicate motifs and the silky smooth texture of the fabric. Presently La Perla’s lingerie and beachwear is tantamount with Italian magnificence and design. The collection of lingerie nightwear, beachwear, hosiery and also underwear is inexhaustible. A whole new line of nightwear and beachwear collections dedicated to a classic and refined male target is soon on its way. La Perla also offers exclusive collections of garments that can be worn as special daywear and eveningwear.

Buzzingtales was particularly taken by the gold hand embroidered piece that felt lighter than paper. Models flaunted beautiful gowns and certain pieces reminiscent of Abaya that are very apt for the region. A customer has the choice to team up and mix & match different entities to get their own individual look. The “Impossible” collection range sported lingerie’s that were unimaginable soft. The Atelier Collection is particularly aimed at Haute Couture customers who appreciate and want to wear creations at the height of luxury and exclusivity. For this reason, the garments can be personalised according to the customer's wishes with the Made to Measure service. A stylist and couturier will be on hand to adapt the garments perfectly to every specific request.
La Perla is celebrating an important step in its retail consolidation strategy: the Boutique in the Dubai Mall will become the first directly operated flagship La Perla store and present a completely renovated image. The concept was entrusted to the Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi, who took his inspiration from great Italian architecture, as can be seen in the three arches of the facade covered in pink onyx.

The Boutique is devoted entirely to the women’s lingerie, beachwear and loungewear collections. It is spread over 200 m2 of floor space, divided into three zones where La Perla creations are displayed on mannequins in transparent display cases and on metal hangers. The prestigious semi-circular entrance welcomes clients with the sophisticated pink shades of the marble floor and walls covered in lilac velvet decorated with light-gold metal elements. The same metal is used for the elegant structures which decorate the ceiling, inspired by Italian Art Deco railings.

The Boutique’s design alternates these architectural references with more contemporary details, such as in the second room where three walls are covered in a backlit metallic mesh that evokes the texture of tulle, one of the iconic materials of the La Perla collections.

The exclusivity of this flagship store is underlined by the presence of a VIP-lounge that feels like a lilac velvet treasure chest with mood lighting and large white leather sofas. This area is dedicated to exclusive creations such as those of the Atelier Collection and the Made to Measure line that can be rendered truly unique by having them tailor made. It is a precious synthesis of values, such as those of the Italian sartorial tradition, the spirit of the atelier, and an affinity with the female body, that have always characterised La Perla style.

The retail consolidation and expansion plan today represents one of the cornerstones of La Perla’s strategy and includes the Boutique in Dubai and other important openings that have been carried out in the span of a few months. From the new flagship store on the Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona to the American boutiques in Houston, Miami Bal Harbour and Chicago, and from the large outlet in Reggello, in Tuscany, to new Chinese boutiques in Beijing and Sanya; and not forgetting the prestigious single-brand store on Russel Street, the heart of chic in Hong Kong.


In 1954, Ada Masotti, a woman full of talent and courage, gave birth to her dream and founded in Bologna an atelier of lingerie under the sign of the best Italian tradition. The artisan heritage, the know-how of the female body, the fusion of innovation and tradition, the Italian identity: these chromosomes of the La Perla’s DNA transformed the little lingerie laboratory into a leader company. The company offers a wide array of collections that range from lingerie to nightwear and beachwear, from legwear to fragrances, dedicated to a refined and sensual woman who aims at expressing and underlining her femininity in a self-confident, sophisticated and elegant way. Moreover, there are special collections with exclusive workmanships that are the highest expressions of the La Perla style. The company offers also underwear, nightwear and beachwear collections dedicated to a classic and refined male target. As well as being present in the best department stores and specialized shops, La Perla sells its collections through a selected network of flagship boutiques, shops in shop and corners which are located at the heart of the most important fashion districts of the world. As of June 2013, the company is part of the Pacific Global Management Group (PGM), a global talent management company headquartered in London, active in the model and celebrities’ management through Elite World and Women Management.  

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